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We can help you with any professional sound options for your next event that would include various parts, both strategic & technological, to consider. Usually, our sound systems are well customized combination of microphones, audio signal processors, audio amplifiers, and loudspeakers.
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AV NYC, Inc has modern audio technology solutions and the latest sound equipment for large meeting spaces, classrooms, and churches for reducing noise and create the best possible listening concept by producing directional sound fields and enabling the best acoustic experiences.
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Our audio engendering team can design an entertainment system for any space - indoors or outdoors. Imagine being able to control your sound flow with our integrated audio entertainment solution that gives every area the freedom to choose and regulate own audio performing.
AV NYC is a business-to-business event rental company that serves New York and its surrounding suburbs. We also rent to much of the east coast, including: New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania and their surrounding suburbs. We have the large inventory of not only a sound equipment, event staging (including trusses), all kinds of video equipment and professional lights. At AV NYC event rentals our goal is to provide our customers with unique party rental items including but not limited to: speakers and powered subwoofers, wireless and wired microphones, digital and analog mixers, best digital dj controllers.
Call: 212 256 1445     Text: 212 464 7278     Fax: 212 464 8113
Call: 212 256 1445     Fax: 212 464 8113
Performance Microphones
Professional dynamic microphones are perfect for recording drums and amplifiers, and ribbon microphones smooth out the rough edges on everything from guitar cabinets to horns and strings. Our large-diaphragm condenser microphones are the classic choice for recording vocals, while small-diaphragm condensers shine on acoustic guitars.
A credible monitoring system is very important for your live performances. It enables you to hear clearly of what you and your band is playing and that helps to deliver a flawless performance. Check out our beautifully designed sound speakers from QSC, EV, JBL, and Mackie. They are always made with special attention to functionality.
Instrumental Microphones
Our best string instrument microphones capture and convey the frequency response of the entire spectrum of any music instrument. We deliver superior microphones that sonically produce closest to the original and reach powerful sound source even without EQ adjustment, and accomplishes it in a miniature-sized capsule.
With its outrageously powerful amp and stylish good looks, our subwoofers will fill your event space with bass you can feel deep in your bones. Our team has more than 15 years of consumer and pro audio experience, and much of that time, thousands of hours, has been spent setting stage theater gear, including subwoofers.
Wireless Microphones
Our wireless microphones can be used to transmit sound to an amplifier or recording device without need of physical cables. They play an essential role in effective event planning and production, live panel discussions and business meetings, enabling radio/tv broadcasters and other audiovisual networks to serve many clients.
Whatever the features make no mistake our sound mixers are the best of the best from market leading audiovisual equipment manufacturers. What’s more in many cases our analogue or digital mixing boards come in a few different sizes, so you’ll likely rent one that fits your I/O needs for the best event performance.

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