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AV NYC is proud to announce that we are the leading rental provider of the most versatile state-of-the-art audio system currently available. Our DJ sound systems can be set with the ability to change their coverage pattern to suit the venue using the latest truly amazing AV technology!
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Our rental DJ sound packages have been carefully selected to provide you with the best quality sound components, at a discounted price, when renting together as an event DJ package. If you are not sure which package is right for you, give our rental technicians a call for professional AV assistance.
Jasper H. Kane Dining Hall, Brooklyn, New York

Our AV firm is a professional choice for audio visual services and equipment rental. We specialize in turn-key event production including DJ stage and scenic setups. We offer the most pro DJ equipment rentals for all occasions, for both public and private events with the best value possible.
We take pride in our technical and creative mission and responsibility to support with all your event needs, from the initial idea to the final result. With one of the most comprehensive AV, stage, and lighting rental inventories in the industry, we’ve got you covered from sound system with DJ gear to specialty lighting and custom build stage truss structures in a full range of designs. In addition, we offer drapery, television, projection, video and sound recording, and much more! With AV NYC’s expert staff to help your party will be always set. We service events and weddings all throughout the New York and beyond!
Call: 212 256 1445     Text: 212 464 7278     Fax: 212 464 8113
Call: 212 256 1445     Fax: 212 464 8113
DJ Mixers
Mixers are a crucial part of aspiring DJ’s setup. Without one of these, it’s problematic to mix music together, provide seamless loops and remixing functions. These range from two-channel digital options with volume faders and three-band equalizing all the way up to eight-channel analog mixers with precise, customizable effects.
DJ Controllers
Our modern digital DJ controllers and interfaces offer the freedom to work with sounds and create new experiences providing more tools and effects than ever before. Most of our controllers are digital turntable MIDI controllers completed with appropriate audio outputs that can be simply connected to any PA system.
DJ Booths
We offer a line of the newest DJ booths; DJ stands and atractive DJ cabinets with a variety of eye-catching LED lighting options and effects. No matter on how much equipment you need to place on it (twin turntable decks, a four-channel mixer, a laptop with laptop stand) they provide the perfect way to hide your cables and cases on mobile gigs.

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