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Turn to the professionals at AV NYC rental and production and make your party a success from beginning to finish. From business party get-togethers, to corporate restaurant parties, to large-venue celebration, our enthusiastic and knowledgeable lighting team delivers excellence every time.
Carnegie Hall, Manhattan

Our selection of lighting equipment and years of experience allow us to provide quality, professional, and very special service. Professional lighting services can make the difference between a good party and a spectacular event! You can trust our team to take your party event to the next level.
Kimmel Center NYU, NYC

AV NYC is always on the front-line with the newest trends in the lighting industry. We have committed ourselves to providing lighting equipment of the very highest standard and that is up to date with current trends. Whether it is stage lighting, special effects, or intelligent lighting we do our best.
Our lighting technicians will wow your guests by transforming the venue and adding ambience, which is of the utmost importance when planning your decor and sets the atmosphere for any occasion. Many event producers use stage LED lights to wash backdrops, scenery or for the front light of bands for cool visual effects. We are eager to help you plan your future outdoor or indoor party, stage and audiovisual equipment rentals, create the best lighting color arrangements and everything in between! With more than one thousand business events and private parties under our belt, we’ve just about seen it all.
Call: 212 256 1445     Text: 212 464 7278     Fax: 212 464 8113
Call: 212 256 1445     Fax: 212 464 8113
Lighting Consoles
Our lighting consoles come in all different sizes, shapes and features. We have a deep knowledge of the various options on the market today, as well as the skill to help integrate a new desk into your application. The console collection of the major brands in lighting equipment is ready in stock for your next event rental!
Moving Lights
All our LED moving lights are very special because they give you the ability to move around the beam for various positions as well as to produce unprecedent real-time lighting effects using a physical movement. Many of our LED moving lights also offer the ability to zoom the beam, which is hugely beneficial for variety in looks!
Lekos and Pars
An ellipsoidal, also nicknamed a leko, is one of the most common professional stage lighting units. Our rental inventory is comprised of lamp based, LED, EDLT and Zoom fixtures. The lens tube option for 19º, 26º, 36º and 50º field angles add to leko selections a clean bright beam for peerless lighting with even field and sharp projection.
Wireless Up-Lights
We not only rent up-lighting fixtures, but we also can design unique lighting solution and lighting decor any venue. Our professional AV team offers only the top-quality service. We effectively set the floor up-lights straight up, nearer to the wall to produce a taller thin beam, or tilt them at more of an angle pointed to the wall to get a wider effect.
Fresnel Lights
Our fresnel lens create the softest, most beautiful light that you can shine at a stage. In the event setups, the fresnel lights deliver soft, even light that you are able to change the spread over with a knob or crank. Many of the best theatrical and TV performances are lit with fresnels, because their light looks great on any camera!
For all your gobo and video projector needs, look no further than AV NYC, Inc. Our gobo projectors with stock gobos, personalized wedding gobos, or custom ordered metal gobos are available in a wide range of versions at prices for every budget, ideal for use in retail settings, restaurants, or almost any interior/exterior application.

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